I'm a senior designer with wide-ranging interests, passionate about creating long lasting design, taking care of whole process, from the medular concept to it´s full implementation.

Javier Muñoz - Senior designer

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Professional graphic designer, teacher, graduate master's degree in creative communication, digital marketing postgraduate, currently living in Los Ángeles, Chile. Interested about all kinds of visual creative fields, digital arts, fine art, branding, architecture, prototypes, photography, motion graphics, filmworks, interaction design, apparel design, packaging, print design, handmade products and abstracts arts, always searching for creative and innovate solutions, aiming to reach new and functional results.

I Always focused in the process, my work involves different styles and techniques, from handmade to computer generated graphics.

E x p e r i e n c e .

  • + 10 Years


    Freelance Design & Consulting

    Professional Graphic Design for over 12 years

    Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Interfaces, Web Design, Editorial, Retouching, Post-production, Motion Graphics, Integral Design and + .

  • 6 Years


    Teaching & Research

    Design theory | Design Softwares | Digital Photography

    Design Softwares, Editorial Design, Post-production, Design Theory and Fundamentals, Creative Process, Branding, Digital Photograpy, Curricular Programs Development.

  • + 8 Years


    Self-Taught & Academic Studies

    Always learning for personal interests to complement the academic studies

    Strategic Planning, Design Thinking, E-Marketing, M-Marketing, E-Branding, Creative Direction, Social Media Mktg, Hi-end Retouching, 2.0 Digital Content and +.

S e r v i c e s .

Brand Strategy Design
Brand Identity System
Visual Identity Design
Creative Process
Creative Communication formal studies
Graphic Design
Professional Graphic design
Promotional graphics
Print and digital Design
Visual Communication Consulting
Post EDITION / 2d Motion
Video Post Production -2D
Professional Training Courses
Theory of Design
Teacher for 6 years
Design Softwares Instructor
Instructor for 5 years
D. Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategies.